Tcl-Tk Code 'Snippets' Sources

In particular, code-snippets
in the FE 'tkGooies' system.

(Snippets to facilitate
development of Tk GUI's.)
(FE = Freedom Environment)

This animated-GIF file
was created with the
'wheeeMorph' script
of the 'IMAGEtools' group
of the 'tkGooies' system.

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As I develop more and more Tk GUI scripts in the FE 'tkGooies' subsystem of the group of FE (Freedom Environment) subsystems, I find it extremely helpful to copy 'snippets' of code from an 'old' tkGooie script, for use in a new 'tkGooie' --- and then make some changes of variable names and widget names (and code structure).

As I publish a script of the 'tkGooies' system in the CODE pages that are available via the 'tkGooies' Description page, I hope that that particular 'tkGooie' script may help others to learn to make Tcl-Tk scripts that are of interest to them.

In the course of these activities ('tkGooie' code development and 'tkGooie' code publishing), I realized that it will be of help to me --- and to other potential Tcler's --- to have a web page that points to sources of various kinds of Tcl-Tk code 'snippets'.

I quickly realized that, when I am looking for a Tcl-Tk code snippet, I am usually looking for a snippet that is of one of 3 general kinds:

  • a WIDGET -
    an example of DEFINITION (and packing) of a widget

  • a BINDING -
    an example of binding an EVENT to a widget

  • a PROC -
    an example to perform a SPECIFIC FUNCTION, such as file-reading, or file-writing, or plotting lines/ovals/polygons on a canvas, or plotting pixels in a photo-image on a canvas, or performing a certain kind of calculation, or whatever.

It is the purpose of this page to provide a quick link to 3 web pages that provide web links to these 3 kinds of Tcl-Tk code snippets.

Most of the links on those three pages will be to the 'CODE pages' of my 'tkGooies' system --- pages of this FE (Freedom Environment) web site,

But some links may be 'external' links --- to helpful pages at the Tcler's wiki --- --- or elsewhere on the web.

Here are the links to 'Widgets', 'Bindings', and 'Procs' pages.

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Tcl-Tk CODE 'SNIPPETS' Sources.

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