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(FE = Freedom Environment)

The FE 'PlotQuik' PieChart GUI interface.

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! Note !
A few more 'tkGooies' plot-utilities may be added
--- and the scripts here may be revised occasionally.

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--- in the FE 'tkGooies' system :

A description of the FE 'tkGooies' system is available via a 'tkGooies' Description page. That page points out that the 'tkGooies' are a collection of utilities in categories such as

  • 3Dtools
  • AUDIOtools
  • FILEmanagers
  • IMAGEtools
  • INTERNETtools
  • MATHtools
  • PLOTtools
  • SELECTORtools
  • SYSTEMtools
  • TEXTtools
  • VIDEOtools
  • Tk-GAME menus
  • Tk-WIKI demos
  • MORE

Just below is a list of links to pages that present the source code of a collection of the 'PLOTtools' in the FE 'tkGooies' system.

Some of these plot utilities, labelled 'PlotQuik', will be written completely in Tcl-Tk.

As alternatives, some of these plot utilities will be Tk GUI 'Front-Ends' for the popular, widely-available 'gnuplot' program.

List of Links to pages that present the CODE of 'PLOTtools' 'tkGooie' scripts:

FE 'PlotQuik' GUI's :

Tk GUI Front-Ends for 'gnuplot' :

The following 'PLOTtools' Tk GUI's are on a 'to-do' list:

        (below a lot of higher priority items)

FE 'PlotQuik' GUI's :

  • The FE 'PlotQuik' utilities above may serve most of my plotting needs, but there is always a possibility of creating another type of plot. For example, the 'PlotQuik Points (and Lines) from x,y data entered in entry fields' script could be used as a basis to make a plot utility that does a 'ribbon' plot instead of a line plot. And the 'Plot Quik Bar Chart' script could be used as a basis to make a plot utility to make '3D-looking' bars. And the 'Plot Quik Pie Chart' script could be used as a basis to make a plot utility to make a '3D-looking' pie.

Tk GUI Front-Ends for 'gnuplot' :

  • A Front-End for generating a PIE chart --- from data in a small (one or two lines) data file --- or from values put in an 'entry' widget of the GUI.

  • And maybe two or three more Front Ends to 'gnuplot'.

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How the code samples are presented - and other notes :

Use the list-of-links (above) to go directly to web pages that contain source code along with code-descriptions and screenshots.

The Tk script files (and other auxiliary files, if any) are in text files that can be down-loaded to your computer and implemented.

To download, simply 'right-click' on a text link and, in a popup window of your web browser, choose an option such as 'Save Link Target As ...'.

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