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FE 'tkGooies' 'RELEASED' List

! Note !
More 'tkGooie' 'released' projects are to be
added here in the future --- and, when a
tkGooie project is implemented, a link to its
code (and description) page MAY be added in
this functionally-categorized list.

! Very Likely !
This page will get out-of-date as I prioritize
working on coding more tkGooies. In any case,
this page gives a rough idea of what (and how many)
tkGooie projects I have 'released'.

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I had a 'released and to-do' list of Tcl-Tk projects that I maintained from about 2010 through 2014 on the Tcler's Wiki (at wiki.tcl.tk).

That list is (or was) on my 'Category: Person' (person-defining) page at wiki.tcl.tk/28584.

Starting in 2015 March, I started implementing my Tcl-Tk GUI script projects as 'drawers' in 'tkGooies' 'toolchests' of a menu-driven FE 'tkGooies' system that is available via an FE Downloads page.

Hence, that 'released and to-do' list has become a 'released and to-do' list for the FE 'tkGooies' system.

I cannot be sure that certain obsessive-compulsive 'moderators' of the Tcl-Tk Wiki will not try to re-format my 'personal page' (at wiki.tcl.tk) containing my 'to-do' and 'released' lists --- or even delete or re-write/change portions of it --- accidentally or on-purpose.

    In particular, Nathan Coulter, who used to hide behind the nickname 'Poor Yorick' and initials 'PYK', is irking many contributors to the Tclers' Wiki by unilaterally deciding to change their contribution pages.

    He even changes 'personal' pages of some seemingly currently inactive contributors, raising the ire of other contributors who think that the changes to their fellow-contributors' pages are inappropriate.

    And, in his hundreds or thousands of edits, Coulter sometimes accidentally (and often purposely) deletes or changes parts of someone else's writings.

    Sometimes he changes someone else's writings and refuses to undo the changes when the original writer strongly objects to the changes.

    Even worse: Coulter has written scripts that do 'batch changes' to Wiki pages.

    On multiple occasions, his batch changes have made changes to contributed code such that the code no longer runs.

    In short, the Tcler's Wiki (wiki.tcl.tk) is no longer a safe place to store my 'released and to-do lists' --- nor any of my contributed code.

I cannot be sure that the 'Tcl-Tk Wiki' will last as long as my FE system web site.

The Tcl-Tk 'home site' moved around a lot in the 1990-to-2005 fifteen-year time-frame --- and various Tcl-Tk code archives appeared and disappeared in that time-frame.

    More recently, around 2019, there was movement again, when the 'wiki.tcl.tk' site was migrated to wiki.tcl-lang.org --- with some changes in the ways that contributor pages can be created and edited.

The 'Tcl-Tk Wiki' site could disappear, as moderator PYK (Nathan Coulter) --- or a moderator like him --- drives more and more contributors away, causing the site to lose code contributors and eventually fold.

In any case, there is no guarantee that my page contributions at the Tclers' Wiki will not be deleted or disappear into that 'big bit bucket in the sky'.

I hope that my FE web site is 'more secure' and will last at least until 2020.

So, in early 2015, the time came to maintain a 'master' copy of my Tcl-Tk 'released and to-do' lists on this Freedom Environment site --- among the pages for the FE 'tkGooies' system --- instead of at the Tclers' Wiki.

An updated copy of my 'released' (or 'published') lists is below.

It becomes the 'master copy'.

The 'Released' Code Groups :

The table-of-contents (TOC) below provides 'category links' to sections of this page, which are further below.

Those sections allow for showing my 'released' list broken up into these various categories.

The category names are the same as the various 'sub-toolchest' names of the 'tkGooies' FE system.

Not infrequently, I will have a 'tkGooie' utility that could be a candidate for inclusion in more than one script-category on this page.

In most cases, I will probably put the 'tkGooie' in one category --- and add a note in another applicable category, pointing to that script.

If you (or I) are searching whether a certain topic or utility is on this tkGooies 'released' page, it may not be easy to determine via the 'code groups'.

So, as an alternative to use of the 'Table of Contents' below, you can use the 'Find text' option of your web browser to look for keywords on this 'released' lists page.

For example, when looking for 'released' Tk scripts that do image 'warping' or 'merging' or 'morphing', use a search keyword like 'warp' or 'merg' or 'morph'.

I offer the categories below in the order in which they appear (or may appear in the future) in the 'tkGooies' toolchests.

The indented categories indicate groups of 'tkGooie' 'apps' that are placed in sub-toolchests of a 'parent' toolchest.

Table of Contents:

(links to sections of my 'released' list, below)

  • 3Dtools
    (3D model file viewers, 3D file converters, 3D file generators, ... )

  • AUDIOtools
    (GUI front-ends for commands such as 'ffmpeg', 'sox', 'find'-audio-files-and-use-audio-players, ...)

  • FILEmanagers for Linux/Unix/BSD/Mac
    (esp. a 'Script Applicator' utility)
    (Also front-ends for file-management commands such as 'rsync', 'du', 'find', 'ls', ...)

  • IMAGEtools
    Sketching / Painting / Diagramming / Morphing / Pixel-Editing Utilities
    ('manual-interaction'-but-computer-aided image utilities )
    (Also front-ends for image processing commands such as ImageMagick 'convert'.)

  • INTERNETtools
    (using internet/intranet Network Protocols
    and commands like http, wget, ...)

  • MATHtools
    (calculators, converter-selectors, ...)

    • MATHed (MATHed = MATHeducation)
      Interactive and/or Animated Math Demonstrations
      (esp. Geometry and Number Theory)
      (for education and/or entertainment)

    • ODEtools
      (ODE = Ordinary Differential Equations)
      (utilities to integrate various types of ODE's)

    • See 'SELECTORtools' below, for some 'CONVERTER-Selector' tools.

  • MAPtools
    (to make 'outline'-maps and 'tiled'-image-maps)

  • PLOTtools
    (for QUICK line, pie, bar, etc. graphs )

  • SELECTORtools
    (for colors, fonts, ...)
    (Also CONVERTER-selectors referenced in the 'MATHtools' toolchest.)
  • SYSTEMtools
    (esp. utilities using meters/dials to show changing computer system conditions)
    (Also front-ends for system configuration & query commands such as 'xinput', 'ps', ...)

  • TEXTtools
    (esp. a 'no-Tk-includes', 'stand-alone' version of the FE 'xpg' text browser utility)

  • VIDEOtools
    (GUI front-ends for commands such as 'ffmpeg', 'mplayer, 'find'-movie-files-and-use-video-players, ... )

  • Tk GUI's EMBELLISHED (with Images) Demos
    --- experiments with making 'themed' GUI's

  • Tk 'Game-Development Aids'

    Some non-app postings to wiki.tcl.tk :

  • Tk Programming Aids
    (a 'canonical' Tk coding method, ... )

  • Tcl-Tk Suggestions/Requests
    (for example, for 'wish' interpreter enhancements --- such as a 'built-in' JPEG-read capability, not JPEG-write)

End of Table of Contents.

Start of the 'released' lists sections.

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'3Dtools' Released
(3D model viewers, file converters, terrain generators/viewers, color-array generators, ...)

  1. Enhanced 3D Plot Examiner for
    functions of 2 variables

  2. A 3D Generator-and-Examiner for
    Parametric Surfaces of 2 Variables

  3. A 3D Model File Loader-and-Examiner -
    for OBJ, PLY, OFF, STL, FEA files

  4. A 3D Terrain Generator-and-Examiner -
    generating terrain from Image Files

  5. A 3D Model Generator GUI
    ( tetrahedron, cube, sphere, etc. to OBJ, PLY, OFF, STL files )

  6. Color Table Generator (and Color Animation) - up to 1530 shades of RYGCBM
    (RYGCBM = Red-Yellow-Green-Cyan-Blue-Magenta)
    (uses a 'miniscaleH' widget)

'AUDIOtools' Released

  1. Audio Edit Utility - Clip, Change-Volume, Convert, etc.
    a front-end for the 'ffmpeg' command

  2. tkMediaPlayer - to Batch-Select-and-Play Movie & Audio files in a Directory Hierarchy
    (a front-end for the 'find' command and a media-player command)
    (also in the VIDEOtools toolchest)

  3. tkPlayMediaFilesInPlaylist - a front-end for multiple media-players
    (also in the VIDEOtools toolchest)

'FILEmanagers' Released
(for Linux/Unix/BSD/MacOS)

  1. tkScriptApplicator
    a mini-system to select file(s) and select-and-apply a shell script

'IMAGEtools' Released
for Sketching / Painting / Diagramming / Morphing / Pixel-Editing
('manual-interaction', but-computer-aided)
(Also front-ends for various commands such as ImageMagick 'convert', 'find'-image-files-and-use-image-viewers, ...)

  1. A 'Sketch On' GUI
    for drawing on an image or colored background
    (alias 'wheeePaint')

  2. A GUI for making 'Title Blocks'
    with text, fonts, colors, images

  3. wheeeDiagram
    to make diagrams with rectangles, ovals, diamonds, lines, arrow-heads, colors, text, images.

  4. ImageMagnets
    a Tk GUI for image processing (spot-bulge, spot-shrink)
    (alias 'wheeeScrunch')

  5. Pointillate Image
    using Tk 'photo' image files (GIF, PNG, PPM, PGM)
    (alias 'wheeeDab')

  6. Rotate TkPhoto Image
    via GUI with File and Background-Color Selectors
    (uses 2 scrollable canvases)

  7. tkMerge2Images
    with image-weighting & image-alignment options
    (reads GIF and PNG and JPEG files)
    (alias 'wheeeMerge')

  8. tkImageGridWarp
    using a 'barymetric' technique on triangles
    (for GIF, PNG, JPEG, other files)

  9. wheeeMorph
    to morph 2 images, using a 'barymetric' technique on triangles
    (for GIF, PNG, JPEG, other files)

  10. GUI for Editing Photo-images with Functions
    (more functions are to be supplied, someday)

Some IMAGEtools 'front-ends' Released
for commands such as 'find' and various image viewers (including animated-GIF viewers) and ImageMagick 'convert' :

  1. tkImageViewer - for Mask-Selecting Images
    from a Directory Hierarchy

    a 'batch' image finder-and-viewer
    --- a front-end for the 'find' command and an image viewer command.

  2. tkShowImageFilesInPlaylist
    - a front-end for multiple image viewers.

  3. tkAniGIFsPlayer - to Batch-Select-and-Play
    Animated-GIF files in a Directory Hierarchy

    --- a front-end for the 'find' command and an animated-GIF player command.

  4. tkPlayAniGIFsInPlaylist
    --- a front-end for multiple animated-GIF players.

'IMAGEcreatorsFlat' Utilities Released
for Tk GUI Embellishment
(to make 'flat' BIBBs,
where BIBBs = Buttons, Icons, Backgrounds, Bullets)

Five alternative GUI's
to draw rectangular buttons
with x-or-y color gradients

  1. A color-gradient-button-maker GUI
    that uses an 'entry' widget
    for 7 parameters
    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

  2. A color-gradient-button-maker GUI
    that uses 6 'spinbox' widgets

    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

  3. A color-gradient-button-maker GUI
    that uses 6 'scale' widgets

    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

  4. A color-gradient-button-maker GUI
    with 6 'miniscale' widgets

    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

  5. A color-gradient-button-maker GUI
    that uses a separate RGB color-selector tkGooie

    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

In the GUI's above, the color gradient follows
vertical or horizontal straight lines in a rectangle.

The following 'IMAGEcreatorFlat' GUI's are more curvaceous.

  1. Color Gradient Ovals rectangular-button
    ovals are drawn about a user-selectable center point
    --- uses canvas-'create oval'.

  2. A two color ROUNDED-rectangle-maker GUI
    --- uses canvas 'create oval' & 'create rectangle'.

  3. A two-color rounded-POLYGON-maker GUI
    --- equilateral and not so equilateral
    --- uses canvas-'create polygon'.

  4. GUI for Drawing 'Super-ellipses',
    with color options and other controls
    --- uses canvas-'create line'.

  5. GUI for Drawing 'Superformula' shapes,
    with choice of colors
    --- uses canvas-'create polygon'.

  6. GUI for Drawing 'Gradient Spheres' (lighted disks),
    with lots of control --- uses canvas-'create oval'.

  7. Functional Imaging with a High-Capacity GUI
    (functions supplied in scrollable listbox)
    (an enhancement of code at wiki.tcl.tk/3523)

'IMAGEcreatorsShaded' Utilities Released

for Tk GUI Embellishment
(to make 'shaded', 3D-like BIBBs,
where BIBBs = Buttons, Icons, Backgrounds, Bullets)

  1. GUI for Drawing Rectangular 'Buttons'
    with nice shaded edges

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  2. GUI for Drawing 'Super-ellipses'
    with nice shaded edges

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  3. GUI for Drawing a 'Super-Formula' Shape
    with nice shaded border

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  4. GUI for Drawing a Disk with centered lighting
    and with nice shading

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  5. GUI for Drawing a 3D Donut (a ring)
    with nice shaded edges

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  6. GUI for Drawing Spiraling Squares -
    Outlines or Filled(-with-Color-Gradient)

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  7. GUI to draw a 3-Color-Gradient Isosceles Triangle
    --- Barymetric Blend with Shaded Edges

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  8. GUI to draw an N-sided POLYGON
    with color-shaded, 3D-like edges

    --- such as a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, ...
    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

    with color-shaded, 3D-like edges

    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

'IMAGEanimation' Utilities Released

  1. Create an ANIMATION of 2 WAVES 'INTERFERING' (simulating a physics experiment with light or water waves emitted from two slits or sources), using shaded colors in an image on a Tk canvas --- for the MATHtools toolchest and for an 'Animations' menu of the IMAGEtools toolchest.

  2. CME-ToDo)
    Emulate Brownian motion of a particle, restricted to 2D
    (display poly-lines track on Tk canvas)

  3. tkVisualizer --- animated images that can be driven by changing data
    (data from audio files, network activity, CPU activity, memory/swap activity, ...)

  4. NOTE:
    Some animated-GIF files are created in some 'IMAGEtools' warp and morph utilities.
    And other image-animations may be available in the 'MATHtools' groups.

'INTERNETtools' Released
(using internet / intranet Network Protocols
and commands like http, wget, ...)

  1. tkGetComics
    to get 'old' comics from comic archive web-sites
    --- for example, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Rhymes with Orange, Speed Bump, Zits, and perhaps (eventually) the sites of some editorial-page political cartoonists

'MATHtools' Released
(calculators, converter-selectors, ...)

  1. tkAdsAdder
    to enter TV ad start and end times,
    and calculate total ads-time.

'MATHed' Released ('MATHed' = Math Education)

Math Proofs and Demonstrations -
Interactive and/or Animated
(for education and/or entertainment)

  1. Primes Sieve - on a resizable canvas
    --- uses canvas-'create image'.

  2. Thales Theorem Demo - Right Triangles In a Semi-circle
    (an interactive demo)

  3. An interactive demo of Achimedes' method of approximating area & circumference of circle, with polygons

  4. An interactive demo of Varignon's Theorem
    dealing with quadrilaterals and parallelograms,

  5. An interactive demo of Napoleon's Theorem dealing with triangles and equilateral triangles.

(utilities to integrate types of
ODE's = Ordinary Differential Equations)

  1. A Tk GUI for numerical integration of the nonlinear differential equation for a (wide-swinging) pendulum, generating an output file for plotting with one of the 'tkGooie' plot utilities
    --- provides an animated image of the oscillating pendulum in a canvas on the GUI.

  2. A Tk GUI for numerical integration of a bouncing ball simulation.

  3. A Tk GUI for numerical integration of a population growth simulation (with a limit to growth).

(for making 'outline'-maps and 'tiled'-maps)

Some GUI map-making utilities :

  1. A 2D MAP-PLOT GENERATOR FROM spherical (latitude, longitude) BOUNDARY DATA in certain kinds of ASCII boundary-data files.

(for QUICK line, pie, bar, etc. graphs )

Some 'native-Tk' GUI plot utilities :

  1. A 'PlotQuik' Pie Chart GUI
    ... for making pie charts QUICKLY.

  2. A 'PlotQuik' Bar Chart GUI
    ... for making bar charts QUICKLY.

  3. A 'PlotQuik' Math Expression XY-plot GUI
    ... to make plots from a math expression entered on the GUI.

  4. A 'PlotQuik' Points and/or Lines XY-plot GUI
    ... to make plots from data entered on the GUI.

  5. A 'PlotQuik' XY-plot GUI
    ... to make plots from a text file of data columns
    ... to make x-y or x-y1-y2 plots from 2 or 3 columns
    of data selected from the file by the user.

    Some 'gnuplot' with Tk GUI front-end plot utilities :

  6. A 'gnuplot' Front-End for generating

    - from 2 or 3 columns of data selected from
    any columns of data in the file.

  7. A 'gnuplot' Front-End for generating

    - allowing for up to 3 math expressions,
    of the form f(x), on a plot.

  8. A 'gnuplot' Front-End for generating
    from a text file of data columns.

  9. A 'gnuplot' Front-End for generating
    3D xyz surface-plots
    2D contour plots
    - from a math expression, of the form z = f(x,y)

  10. A 'gnuplot' Tk GUI front-end for making LOG and LOG-LOG PLOTS.

'SELECTORtools' Released
(for colors, fonts, ... ;
and various CONVERTER-selectors)

  1. A non-obfuscated color selector GUI

  2. A CMY-255 color selector GUI

  3. YAFSG - Yet Another Font Selector GUI

  4. tkAngle-Convert-Select
    radians, degrees, percents-of-circumference-of-circle

  5. tkSpeedGun-Convert-Select for velocities
    kilometers/hr, miles/hr, lightyears/billion-years

  6. tkTemperature-Convert-Select
    Fahrenheit, Centigrade, Kelvin

  7. A Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (DMS) to Decimal-Degrees (and to Degrees-DecimalMinutes) converter-selector.

  8. A LATITUDE-LONGITUDE Selector Tk GUI --- for user-selected world-wide cities and other geographic points.

  9. Create an ATOMIC ELEMENT SELECTOR (and Properties Sorter) Tk GUI --- with properties display.

    Some huge-to-micro CONVERTER-Selectors:

  10. A DISTANCE Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

  11. An AREA Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

  12. A VOLUME Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

  13. A WEIGHT Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

  14. A SPEED Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

  15. A DENSITY Converter-Selector Tk GUI.

'SYSTEMtools' Released
(including utilities using meters to show
changing computer system conditions)
(Also some 'front-ends' to some computer system
configuration & query commands, such as 'xinput'.)

  1. A Pair of Tachometer-style Meters
    --- for Memory and Swap

  2. A Pair of Tachometer-style Meters
    --- for Network Activity

  3. A Tachometer-style Meter
    --- for File System Usage

  4. A Tachometer-style Meter
    --- for CPU Usage,

    accommodating multiple-CPUs.

Some 'Hi-Def-image' versions of the above meters:
(done with background images)

  1. A High-Definition Meter
    - for CPU Usage
    - uses 'create image'.

  2. 2 High-Definition Meters
    for Memory-and-Swap Usage
    - uses 'create image'.

  3. 2 High-Definition Meters
    for Network Interface Activity
    - uses 'create image'.

  4. A High-Definition Meter
    for File System Usage
    - uses 'create image'.

Some 'front-ends' for system
configuration & query commands
--- such as 'xinput':

  1. tkPointerSettings -
    a Tk GUI 'wrapper' for the 'xinput' command
    to change or implement various 'button' functions on pointer-devices (like mice),
    for various maker-models of the pointer devices
    (for Linux/Unix/BSD systems)


(esp. the FE 'xpg' utility without using
'Tk-include' files --- i.e. a 'stand-alone' 'xpg'
which does not share 'sourced' code with the
color-selector and font-seletor tkGooies.)

  1. 'xpg' - a text file browser,
    with a VERY useful Show-All-Matches (SAM) feature

    (for Linux/Unix/BSD/Mac systems)
    (Unlike the 'FE xpg' system release,
    this code does not use 'tk-include' files.)

  2. A Tk GUI front-end for a text-to-speech utility,
    namely the 'espeak' command.

  3. A Tk GUI front-end for 'Moving Text'.

'VIDEOtools' Released
(including front-ends for various commands, like 'ffmpeg')

  1. tkMediaPlayer - to Batch-Select-and-Play
    Movie & Audio files in a Directory Hierarchy

    --- a front-end for the 'find' command and a media-player command.

  2. tkPlayMediaFilesInPlaylist
    --- a front-end for multiple media-players.

  3. Movie Capture from Computer Monitor-and-Audio
    --- a front-end for the 'ffmpeg' command.

  4. Movie Capture from Computer Webcam-and-Audio
    --- a front-end for the 'ffmpeg' command

  5. Movie Edit Utility - Clip, Crop, Convert, etc.
    --- a front-end for the 'ffmpeg' command

'Tk-GUIs EMBELLISHED Demos' Released
(experiments in making 'themed' GUIs
using image files)

  1. Experiments in making embellished GUI
    'toolchests' with 'drawers'

    --- uses Tk buttons or canvases to make 'drawers'.

  2. Experiments with flexible THEMES for Tk GUI's
    (uses images and colors ; 7 different widgets;
    uses the '-compound' option)

  3. Version 2 of a demo of THEMES for Tk GUI's
    (uses images and colors ;
    improves radio- and check-buttons' appearance)

'Game-development Aids' Released

  1. Paste BASE64 or XBM image data
    - then SHOW IMAGE

    --- with a Write-GIF option.

  2. Make BASE64 data from Tk 'photo' image files
    (GIF, PNG, PGM, PPM)
    --- a Tk GUI wrapper for the 'base64' command
    --- for Linux/Unix/BSD systems.

'Tk Programming Aids' Released
(published at the Tcler's Wiki)

  1. A Canonical Structure for Tk Code --- and variations
    (a guide for creating Tk GUI's in a 'canonical', consistent way)

Tcl-Tk Suggestions / Requests.
(published at the Tcler's Wiki)

  1. Proposed: A Tcl-Tk DONATIONS system --- to support documentation, promotion, conferences, and perhaps some development --- at wiki.tcl.tk/37194

  2. A request on the Tk 9.0 WishList page (wiki.tcl.tk/4055, item 89)
    for an image-behind-text-on-button improvement.
    (Provide other text-location options besides centering the text on the image --- in particular, allow for left-justify or align-left or anchor-west.)

  3. A request on the Tk 9.0 WishList page (wiki.tcl.tk/4055, item 92)
    for JPEG/JFIF-read into a Tk 'photo' image structure
    (Build a JPEG-read capability into Tk, like GIF-read and PNG-read.)
    (Note that this is NOT a request for a JPEG-WRITE capability.)


The approximate totals of 'tkGooies' released so far (circa 2019 July):

3Dtools: 6
AUDIOtools: 5
FILEmanagers: 1 (with 3 Tk GUI's)
IMAGEtools: 14
IMAGEcreatorsFlat: 12
IMAGEcreatorsShaded: 9
IMAGEanimations: 3
INTERNETtools: 1
MAPtools: 5
MATHtools: 4
MATHed: 7
ODEtools: 3
PHYSICStools: 2
PLOTtools: 10
SELECTORtools: 15 (including CONVERTER-Selector tools)
SYSTEMtools: 9
TEXTtools: 3
VIDEOtools: 5
Tk-Game-Dev-Aids: 2

TOTAL 'Released': 121 'tkGooies'

FE 'tkGooies' . . . . Lots of GUI Hammers for Your Various Nails.

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